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Not that it's ever updated anymore, mind you.

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The KMFDM official web site

KMFDM may be contacted at kmfdm@kmfdm.net

To join the KMFDM mailing list and get mail order info, write to
1509 Queen Anne Ave. N. #287
Seattle, WA 98109

KMFDM General Information-_-_-_

KMFDM has been around. No doubt about it. This originally German band moved to the United States declaring their distaste for European audiences. The core of KMFDM, Sasha Konietzko and En Esch, came to Chicago, joining the industrial recording label Wax Trax! and have recorded 7 full length albums plus a myriad of singles and remixes. The only remaining core member of the band is Sascha Konietzko.

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