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New Pictures, sort of.

Finally... a picture of my girlfriend Fanta. She's a Business major, hates animals and marinates a mean steak.
There's also a small gallery of Fanta pictures.

* *
The first is me, Beth and Teresa. This was, of course, the beginning of a l o n g night of frivolity and liscentiousness.
After that are three friends of mine at a convergence we went to in Chicago. They are (left to right) Kelowna, Iseult and Erin.

Old stuff...

[Halloween 1] [Halloween 2] [Halloween 3]

Some images of Glenn on Halloween.

The first is me as Alex from Clockwork Orange. 1991

The second is Clockwork Orange, take two. Featured here is Matt Schneider as a second Alex, and my mother. (Check out that long hair on me! I miss my hair...) 1992

The third is: The Terminator (my brother Jason K!), Bela Lugosi (me, of course), and a dead person (Matt again). 1993

[Glenn and Friends] [Franken-Shirt] [Max & Matt & Tasha]

Here I am hanging out with a couple of friends at the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago.

Next is me modelling the brand new "Franken-shirt" I had just made. (With that nice long hair again.)

And finally, the "Max the Rabbit" doll that Matt and I made. If you don't know who Max the Rabbit is, do yourself a favor and rush right out to your local comic pusher and get a copy of any "Sam 'n Max" comic book. Steve Purcell, the author, is twisted as hell! (The doll was later given to Steve Purcell and currently sits in his drawing room watching over him at work) The various panels also show my dog Tasha and my friend Matt again.

Here's my old room-mate Brian G! (aka Da Gan-Man).
A shot of my older room-mate Obie (in the musical group Underclass with an album soon to be released)

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