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Dead Milkmen (noun, plural)
Used to refer to a group of name-shifting, drug-taking, perpetually touring lunatics, who happen to make some damn fine music.

N E W S :
May, 1999 - Butterfly Joe is not only back together now, but there's a new album due out at the end of May. You can pick it up from Razler Records when it comes out.

June, 1998 - I finished the Punk Rock Girl Paper Doll Version 1.
You need either Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer 4 to view it, however, and I'm not so sure if IE4 will be able to deal with it. Still working the bugs out, you know
Also available is the Punk Rock Girl Java Applet at the offical Dead Milkmen Page

Spring, 1998 - Due out soon is a new Town Managers 7". It's got four new tracks just for your jonesing pleasure. Check out what Joe's doing now!
You can pick up a copy by sending a check for $3.50 (payable to Steve Beach) to
Marigold Records
241 James St.
Mt. Ephraim, NJ 08059


Winter, 1998 - Burn Witch Burn have a new album out. Check out Rodney's band with 7 songs of Celtic/Slavic/Bluegrass/Gothic/Punk insanity!
You can pick one up for $8 from the address listed on their home page. Or you can just be lazy, and write a check for $8 to Vienna Vendunia and send it to:
Burn Witch Burn
PO Box 2049
Philadelphia, PA 19103


Winter, 1998 - Not one to miss out, the Big Mess Cabaret Orchestra has released a cd. Dean (and sometimes Joe) work with the Big Mess in creating what must be seen to be beleived.
Drop a certified check or money order for $12 + $2.50 for shipping & handling to
Plungerboy Music
c/o 2300 Walnut Street
No. 612
Philadelphia, PA 19103


Town Managers and Touch Me Zoo also have tapes available. Write to the address inside the Dead Milkmen albums for details.

O L D E R N E W S :

November 11, 1997 - The new Dead Milkmen Greatest Hits album:

is in stores. It includes 2 previously unreleased tracks. Check the discography for details.
Also, be sure to drop by the new OFFICIAL DEAD MILKMEN HOME PAGE


June 10, 1997 - Joe Jack Talcum's band, THE TOWN MANAGERS have a new 7" out!! The self-titled single released by Shredder Records can be purchased for a mere $3.50 (postage paid in the US) from

Subterranean Mailorder
PO Box 2530
Berkeley, CA 94702
(drop by Shredder's web page for more details)


April 7, 1997 - Sad news recently, folks. Joe's band Touch Me Zoo has officially called it quits. But the tapes are still available. Get one if you haven't already. Hell. Get all four, and the three ultra-rare collections while you're at it.


Yes, The Dead Milkmen have broken up!
Details in the Dead Milkmen Newzletter #58


The band are all pursuing different projects now:

  • Rodney is a working stiff now and performs with the band Burn Witch, Burn.
  • Joe is also a working stiff and plays with the band Town Managers.
  • Dave is a student and is currently not playing with any band.
  • Dean is yet another working stiff and plays with the band Big Mess Cabaret Orchestra.

  • Discography of their known works, complete with album covers and links to lyrics
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